Pretty Rose (2nd Misleadingly Soft single)

by Elenne May



The second "Misleadingly Soft" single

Artwork made by Jeran Arts

In November kwam Elenne’s debuutalbum uit op de 2e plaats van meest beluisterden albums op de 3voor12 Luisterpaal. Opgenomen in de Zeezicht Studio’s in Haarlem is Misleadingly Soft een geslaagde introductie tot de magische en realistische wereld van de zangeres in het wit.
In haar 2e single "Pretty Rose" laat Elenne horen dat een lichter nummer ook mogelijk is op een Elenne May plaat, maar dan wel met een contrast; een heftig waargebeurd verhaal voor zij die het willen horen.


She was 18 years old,
And everything thought beautiful, she had.
The round curves,
The long blond hair and a pretty face.
But her eyes were dark,
They had no story left to tell,
They’d seen it all.

Pretty Rose,
Strong Rose,
Pretty Rose,
Strong Rose.

She was very bright,
And all she did was wonderful, he said.
She played all the right notes,
Had the perfect posture and a lovely smile.
But her back was sore,
Her bones had carried too much,
For to long.

Oh pretty rose,
Strong rose,
Pretty rose,
Strong rose.

She left her home,
Been away ever since.
She lives with people who’ve gone back in time.
And all she can say is those dirty man,
Oh pretty Rose.

Pretty Rose,
Strong Rose,
Pretty Rose,
Strong Rose.


released May 30, 2013
Produced by Mouse and Camilla van der Kooij
Composed by Elenne May

Elenne May - Vocals, piano
Eveline Ypma - Bass
Roeland Scherff - Guitar
Marijn Geerts - Drums, cymbals and other percussion

Mixed at l'Hermitage by Mouse
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren



all rights reserved


Elenne May Amsterdam, Netherlands

"This is a band for people who like to listen to music, truly listen. The music is beautifully layered, breathes space as well as atmosphere, with enough left to discover. The slightly mysterious voice of singer Elenne is soft, broken and hinting at unknown things, perhaps even the mystery beyond what we can hear." - WoNoBloG ... more


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